Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Project: Tiled Portrait Mural

Last weekend I decided I really wanted a large piece of art to hang in our kitchen, but with Christmas just around the corner my budget was exactly $0. Solution: blow up a family picture on the computer, print it out, and stick it to the wall!

It was pretty simple to do. Here are the steps I followed.

1. Using Photoshop or another photo editing software, blow up/crop your photo so that it will evenly divide into 8x10-inch pieces. (For example, I made our photo 48"x30").

2. Use grid or ruler lines in the program to divide your enlarged photo into 8x10" sections. Print each section so you've got a bunch of 8x10 sections of your picture. (Note: to save on colored ink, print in black and white).

3. Using a paper cutter or scissors, trim each section of your photo and lay them out in a grid on the floor so you know which page goes where.

4. Decide where you want your mural to be, and using a laser level start attaching your grid pieces to the wall with poster putty. You can measure the distance between each paper if you want to get really OCD about it, but I just eyeballed it.


What do you think? I really love it except for the fact that my face has been split down the middle. Not sure if I'll be able to deal with it or if I'll try another photo layout that will keep my face intact. In any case, it was cheap, relatively easy, and cost me basically nothing! Can't beat that!

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