Friday, October 28, 2011

Faking It

My husband Sean and I recently switched rooms with the boys to give them more space to play. What I thought would be a very simple task turned into a few weeks of slowly migrating things from one room to the other, organizing closets, and decorating. Our room is much smaller now, but we really don't need the extra space. The thing that did bother me as soon as we got our bed and side tables in place was this:

Anyone else's OCD alarm going off? That window is so sadly off-center and I just couldn't handle it. So how do you disguise a very unbalanced window? Fake it with draperies!

First I measured the wall to determine where the center of the wall was. Then I measured the drapery rod and determined where it needed to be mounted in order to center it on the wall.

I marked with pencil on the wall, in 1'7" on each side and down from the ceiling 6" (a great way to make sure your marks are level if you don't have a level is to measure down from the ceiling). Here you can see where my marks were made. And you can definitely see how off-center the window is. But don't worry, the drapes will cover them up!

I mounted the hardware on the wall (to be discussed in more detail in another post), put up the drapery rod and black drapes, and voila!

No more off-center window here! Doesn't it look so much better? Amazing what you can disguise with window treatments!


  1. I just love this! And i totally hear ya on the ocd thing---it would have totally bugged me til i changed it. I love the look of your room! fabulous job!

  2. OMG this looks exactly like our bedroom and every day my OCD screams too. I told my husband this is what we need to do and he did not understand thank you for the detailed photos we will be doing this this weekend! (found you on Pinterest)