Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To: Clean Brooms and Dustpans

I was sweeping my bathroom floor the other day and realized everything on the floor was sticking to the broom. When I reached down to clear the bristles off I noticed that they were VERY sticky, probably from sweeping the kitchen floor after the little one spilled his juice. My first thought was that we'd need a new hand broom, but then I thought about trying to clean it instead. I've never heard of anyone cleaning a broom, but surely it's possible, right?

Well I found that it definitely is possible, and it's really easy too! I'm thinking I'll make this part of my yearly fall and spring cleaning regimens. After all, who knows what kind of icky germy grossness is living in your brooms?

First I took the broom outside and beat the bristles against the sidewalk a few times, just to get as much dust out as I could before washing it.

I filled a large bowl with boiling water and set it in the kitchen sink, then added about a cup of bleach and set the broom in the water, making sure all the bristles were completely covered. While that was soaking I rinsed off the dustpan and filled the other side of the sink with boiling water and bleach, then let put the dustpan in it. I let both the broom and dustpan soak for about an hour, occasionally moving them around in the water to loosen anything that was stuck to them.

When the hour was up I ran both the broom and dustpan under hot water for several minutes, paying special attention to the bristles of the broom. Once thoroughly rinsed I set them on a hand towel to dry completely overnight.

My broom is now clean, sanitized, and not sticky! I'm going to try this method with my large broom as well. I feel much better sweeping my floor now that I know my broom isn't so gross.

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