Saturday, November 5, 2011

Simple Sensory Activity: Carpet Samples!

Babies love texture. It's just something built into their little brains, and activities that exercise their senses are so important to growth and development. These are things I definitely was NOT thinking about the last time I was at my local home improvement store. I was there to get some drapery hardware and ended up wandering through the flooring aisle for a few minutes (I have a degree in Interior Design, and sometimes I just need to browse random areas to admire the latest and greatest floor coverings, paint, and lighting. It's a sick addiction).

I was looking at the carpet section and noticed that above the large rolls of floor coverings they had a ton of free samples. They were about three inches square, the perfect size for little chubby fingers to hold. I immediately thought of Oliver and how much he LOVES texture, so I grabbed a handful of free samples on my way to the checkout.

When we got home I set him on the floor and put the flooring samples around him. It was so cute to watch him go from one to the other, moving his tiny little fingers across each square. He was busy with them for a long time (I supervised him to make sure none of the little carpet fibers ended up in his mouth), and I think what I'll do eventually is put them on a large keyring to keep him busy when we're out running errands.

Gotta love free stuff that keep babies busy!

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