Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In the Shop: Ten Year Journal-In-A-Box

This is such a simple, easy way to keep a journal! Every day of the year has one line to write whatever you'd like - what you did that day, how you were feeling, who you talked to, etc. When you've gone through the entire year, simply start again on the next line down. Once complete, you'll have a full ten-year record of something you did every day of each year!

Each journal card is hand-stamped grey with the date in the top corner and the years 2012-2021 down the side. Dividers are included for each month, as well as a divider to keep track of the current date.

Every journal comes in a brown paper maché box that I can personalize for you, or I can send you a blank box that the recipient can personalize themselves!

Click HERE to see the Etsy listing and get more information about these awesome journals. They'd make great gifts!

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